In and Around Victoria Harbour

Wye Marsh, also Ste Marie Among the Hurons and Martyr’s Shrine are within minutes drive of the property. By water Beausoleil Island Provincial Park, Honey Harbour, Giant’s Tomb Island, Hope Island and numerous snorkelable ship wrecks are only minutes away. As soon as you are in your boat there is no telling where you’ll go. There is so much to see and do in the area it’s awe inspiring. 

Walking tours are popular in Victoria Harbour and Port McNicoll over the Tay Township Shoreline trail. The highlight of the summer will likely be the return of the S.S Keewatin. The old trestle bridge to Port McNicoll was once the link from the south to the Port docks where she sailed from. The trestle is now removed but many signs remain on the west end of the bay. The railroad right-of-way is now used in winter by snow-machines.

The settlement around Penetanguishene harbour began in proximity to the military establishment at Discovery Harbour. Check it out for the history of the area and what role the establishment played in the War of 1812.

For a night on the town right there on the premises of Discovery Harbour is Kings Wharf Theatre including a restaurant.

City of Midland

The city of Midland is just minutes to the west of Riverdale Estates down Highway 12 and right on West Street to downtown. Bottom of West Street takes you to the very pleasant Port of Midland. Stop by and have alook around and participate in the many activities of the City. I have provided a link here to the City of Midland for your convenience.